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This site is designed to maximise accessibility, including:

  • To ensure text legibility, the main text is scaleable in size - use "View/Text size" on your browser topbar menu, to change the size of text in your browser. High contrast text colours in sans-serif font have been used.
  • For those using a screenreader or with images turned off on their browser, all images (other than those solely used for layout decoration) carry text alternatives (alt tags).
  • Access keys are enabled, as follows:
    • "1" Skip navigation and go straight to page content
    • "2" Home page
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    • "4" Contact
    • "5" Accessibility
    • "6" Site Map
  • This site is designed using Cascading Style Sheets. You can therefore override these styles if you are using your own Author's stylesheet.
  • This site is designed according to the WorldWideWeb Consortium (W3C) Web Standards.
  • All pages on this site are designed according to the W3Consortium Content Accessibility Guidelines Priority 2.
  • If you have any comments on the site accessibility, we welcome your comments, by email.





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